9 Different Guys You Will Have Dated Before You Turn 30

Jeff Isy
Jeff Isy

1. The cool guy

He’s cool, he’s popular. He walks the walk and talks the talk. When you’re with him you share his share of the spotlight. And if being in the spotlight is your thing, you are in for a ride. You guys are the “it” couple, and you bask in that label. People suck up to him so they suck up to you as well. Your friends envy you, and their envy is one of the highlights of dating him. But with all that attention and vanity shower, he’s conceited and most probably narcissistic.

2. The player

You are either so naïve, emotionally unstable (e.g. after a breakup), or perhaps just plain shallow that you’ll somehow get caught up in his devious charms. When it ends, you will not possess a bleeding heart but instead, a raging soul chiding both him and yourself. Triumphing over his future moves would be one of the most satisfying moments in your existence, while the lesson learned keeps you from slacking ever again in the rest of your dating life.

3. The proper guy

Your parents approve of him the most as he has the best manners and best attitude around. He’ll always ensure you reach your front door before the clock strikes twelve and only starts holding your hand on the 10th date and kisses you on the can’t-remember-how-many-it’s-been-already date. Unfortunately, he’s the least romantic and close-to-most boring of them all. He is simply too proper to be crazy, too decent to realize how crucial it is to create sparks to keep the initial passion alive.

4. The brainy guy

He’s intellectually stimulating. Very. You’ll have millions of engaging and enlightening conversations together on topics and issues many are too ignorant to comprehend. His speaking manner is never short of scholarly. You’re proud of him and his mental ability. With him, it’s an academic experience. But sooner or later, it’s gonna be exhausting when all he wants to talk about are facts and opinions.

5. The rich guy

With this guy, you are indulged, and your inner spoiled self finally gets a chance to materialize. It’s the high life, girl, and golly, does it feed your earthly desires. It’s a single-sided dream come true. But if all gets said and done, you will find yourself occasionally reminiscing more about that gratifying period than of him.

6. The can’t-be-alone guy

He constantly likes a party around him. A date? Let’s double date with Adrian and Kathryn. You want to go to the beach? Why not do a bonfire barbeque and invite our friends? Movie and popcorn night? Great! Let’s call the gang. The more the merrier, right? Just face it. This fella does not have the emotional depth and capacity to be in a relationship. Move on, girl, because you certainly deserve better.

7. The artsy guy

He’s a poet, an artist, a photographer, or something in that line. Art is his life, and you are impressed by his works. However, it’s usually a one-way ticket with him as he is pretty much a self-absorbed, living-in-his-own-world kind of guy, physically present but mostly never mentally present. And he always expects you to be interested in what he’s doing, to be faithfully supportive and understanding, even when he makes no effort to reciprocate all that he demands of you.

8. The possessive guy

He tells you the people you normally hang out with are not worth your time. He defines your relationship as exclusive even when you’re still trying to figure out if you’d like to continue dating him. The deeper you get on with him the tougher and longer it takes to get out as he has woven more of his spidery web around you.

9. The nice guy

The most frustrating of them all. It’s never clear when going out with him if it’s a date or not. He beats around the bush and is so nice that he fears being pushy. You hold back a little and he gets discouraged. He seems to be at times interested and at times friend-zoning you. What he doesn’t realize is that the window of romantic possibility narrows with time for us girls. Still, he’s one of the most supportive and caring guys you have come across in life and the closest he probably ends up to you is as your best guy friend. And the nice guys always question why they finish last. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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