Getting Over An Asshole You Dated

What do you do when all you want is to rewind time and go back to where it all began?

When we argued over whiskey and you held my hand climbing the hill. When you looked at me like I was some sort of miracle. Walking into the night so clueless to the heartbreak we would bring each other, over and over again.

Climbing on top of you and letting you love every inch of me, every part you kissed you would eventually break into a million pieces.

I’m still trying to put those pieces back together.

Every time we tried, what did we do wrong?

I loved you but I don’t think you knew how to. Maybe it was your parent’s divorce or the fight at the beach. Maybe it was too many misunderstandings and not enough communication.

There is no one I want beside me more right now than you. Just fucking pick up the phone and call me, you know I can’t do it.

Be the guy I know you can be just be him for me. I don’t want to die with a broken heart. But living with one has become so impossible that I might have to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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