10 Things About Social Media That Annoy All Single Women

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Shutterstock / Lighthunter


When someone tells you that you look good or they type their own phone number under a picture you’ve just posted. Umm. Yes, I am single—thank you for the like but no thank you for the number.


Having unnecessary Facebook messages from guys that you don’t know all wanting to get to know you at the same time. Like, come on, guys—Facebook is not a dating website and if I was interested I would have let you know, trust me. Being group-messaged in sexual Facebook conversations? Now that’s just creepy.


Being poked on Facebook by guys. I dislike this one the most because personally I have a perverted mind, so when there are 100 guys trying to poke me on Facebook I feel like there are 100 guys trying to poke me in real life—and not with their hands.


Having a million and one Facebook friend requests. At first it’s flattering that sooooo many people want to be your friend on Facebook just because of the way you look. But the requests never end and every day you have 100 Facebook friend requests you can’t respond to because Facebook only allows you to have 5,000 friends.


Seeing other people post relationship pictures. If I am single I do not want to see you and your significant other posted all over my timeline all in love. It just makes me feel awful for being single. Posting statuses saying Bae this and Bae that—I mean I’m happy you found someone that makes you happy, but since I am still alone and single I don’t want to see it. Sorry.


Seeing other single people post statuses about their relationship goals. It’s annoying.


Seeing guys post things about sex. I get it—guys think with their dicks and not their brain, so if 80% of your day you’re thinking about sex, that’s perfectly fine. Just don’t broadcast every time you’re thinking about sex on social media. It makes you look like perverts.


Seeing guys bitter about not being in a relationship. I follow too many men on IG and Facebook that always sound so bitter about being single. Hey, I am single and the single life is not so bad for me right now. Sometimes it’s OK to be single. Yeah, you have your lonely moments, but in the meantime learn yourself and love yourself. Sooner than later the right woman will show up in your life, but don’t sound so depressed. There’s more to life than being tied down.


Seeing other women married/marriage photos. Until I get married I don’t want to hear about you being happily married; it just makes me sad. As humans we can all be jealous, so ladies if you have single friends know that deep down inside they will be jealous that you are getting married. When sharing marriage photos, maybe allow them to see one or two of the photos on Facebook and block them from all of the other ones you want to share online.


Seeing other women pregnant. I am 24 years old—no man, no husband, still single and lonely. Seeing another woman pregnant is the last thing I want to see on my timeline because all I’m thinking about is how the hell someone gets her pregnant and not me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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