This Is Why People Who Marry Doctors End Up The Happiest

If at the end of the day a person is exhausted yet still feels fulfilled knowing well that they have been a huge help to others, then that person must definitely be a doctor!

Becoming a doctor takes lots of sacrifice and patience. The journey isn’t easy and it isn’t short either—four years of pre-med and another four years of medicine proper, tons of books to read, a lot of exams to take, and a bunch of seminars to attend to. Hence, this justifies that doctors are devoted to their medical profession, imagine how they are in relationships!

Doctors have a first-hand experience with random people and situations that help them adapt to different degrees of adversities. If they can handle mentally remembering screamed orders by their consultants while cautiously counting respirations and pulse rate, accurately regulating three different intravenous fluid infusions, and safely pushing across the hall a patient on a stretcher at a speed of 40kph, then they can handle anything—even family dinners! This makes them the kind of partner to take home to meet the parents. They will surely be loved by the folks!

Doctors value the importance of time and the people they lost spending time with because of their busy schedule, so when they aren’t busy they would rather spend time with their loved ones. When they actually are busy, they give their partners the opportunity to spend time with their friends without having the pain of being nagged about how late they got home last night! And rest assured, that doctors won’t cheat—they barely have the time to eat and sleep!

Doctors’ expertise in health and healthcare means that they don’t get grossed out by their partner’s farting and burping, in fact, they’d even encourage them to pass out the gas! Besides that, they have a vast knowledge in human anatomy—they’ve memorized every single nerve in the body so they would definitely hit the right spots in bed! Jokes aside, throughout their medical practice, they’ve acquired great proficiency in childcare, so when they finally think about having a baby, there is no reason to be afraid because doctors make awesome parents!

Doctors are taught to listen to patients’ concerns and eventually come up with solutions. They have scientific methods on how to dissect and analyze situations making them rational thinkers when inevitable fights arise between them and their partners, so their fights tend to be short-lived and reasonably settled. Plus, doctors are empathetic listeners that’s why they make great shoulders to cry on.

Witnessing how life and death unfold has made doctors sensitive and empathetic to the importance of life and the people they share it with. Therefore they developed a habit of never letting a day go by without having their partners know how much they are loved and cared for by them.

The whole length of a doctor’s lifetime is spent with learning the science and art of healing and taking care of people both healthy and diseased. Doctors genuinely and unconditionally love their patients as they do their partners and they are devoted to their medical profession as they are to their partners. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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