If You’ve Lost Your Way, You Need to Read This

Ben Waardenburg / Unsplash

You were born with a strong internal compass.

A compass that can help you stay true to who you are, follow the things you believe in, and seek out that which sets your soul on fire. Your own personal in-house guide to fulfillment and happiness and real success in every non-conventional sense of the word.

The problem is that somewhere along the line, you stopped listening.

You stopped tuning in to that little voice inside and started accepting faulty external directions instead. So-called guidance and advice from others, who couldn’t possibly know which way is right for you, because they’re simply not you.

Yet, you listened to them rather than to your own compass. You went south when you should have gone north.

And you lost your entire self in the process.

Sidetracked by the societal standards of what it means to be ‘successful’ and to ‘make it’ in this world: you chose a career that bores you, you’ve been climbing that corporate ladder with zero zest, making those meaningless dollars and putting off your hopes and dreams of really living until you can retire 30 damn years from now.

You’ve followed all the outside instructions and created a cookie-cutter life you were programmed to believe results in happiness and fulfillment.

But it turns out, as you’ve discovered, that it results in neither.

And so now you’re looking back over your shoulder at all the wrong turns you’ve taken to get here, and you realize that ‘here’ is a long, long way from ‘home’. You have no idea how you got so lost, so off track, and you have no idea how to get back…

Except that you do

You still have that magical tool inside you that knows just the way.

Your internal compass; that guiding light of intuition and clarity and gut instinct. All you have to do is tune in, turn it up, drown out all that other noise, and really start listening to your own self-guidance again.

Listen when it lights up over an idea and dims over another; listen when it says, “do this” and “not that”; listen when it tells you anything and everything at all, even if it’s contrary to what the outside world is telling you.


And if you do that, your compass will start leading you back to the things you love and genuinely want out of life, back to a way of living that is authentically you, set by your own standards of success and no one else’s.

If you let it, your compass can illuminate your way from hopelessly lost to genuinely found.

All you have to do is listen, and your compass will lead you home. TC mark

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