There’s Love In Healing

Oftentimes when we think of healing, our focus doesn’t immediately go to love. Where is love in pain? Where is love in heartache? Where is love in loss?

Love is in healing. Love is in feeling growth and meaning in the forces powerful enough to make us feel pain. You feel it as if it were goosebumps rising on your arms and butterflies rising in your chest. That is why healing can be such a vulnerable act: we are exposed to all that challenges peace in the depth of our being.

By writing, I’m exposing myself. This is my love and healing and my way of accepting and letting go. By putting my vulnerability into letters and letting that energy intertwine with the mess of love and fear in my mind, that is my letting go. I’m a mess, but I’m here writing. I’m here embracing this moment where it feels so magical to be alive, learning the things that bring me back to myself. Healing in love.

Opening that part of myself to the energy of acceptance softens the tightness of my chest when I spiral from uncertainty. I feel butterflies when I let myself dream of possibilities. And that is the part of myself that I go back to when I see and hear and feel beyond the noise. An aching heart in the midst of magical moments.

So here I say, trust the part of your being that sees meaning in heartache and purpose beyond it. Trust the intuitive life force that is the energy moving through you. See things in their simplicity in that there is truth in a life lived in love, no matter how painful doing so can be sometimes. We can’t rely on our physical self to feel love because the part of our being that needs healing is not of the physical nature.

It is the deepest part of our being that sees thoughts and experiences as they are, in complete joy and quiet chaos. Remember in your own healing process that all you will ever need is already inside of you. You are a being of love in both letting go and letting in, here to experience life and seek what causes your stomach to stir and your arms to feel the chills of living unafraid of all that is yet to be. You may spend your whole life healing in the moments of love and loss and clarity. But just think about a life lived in growing closer to who you are, back to the spirit and adventurer. Back to the open heart.

You are never far from yourself when it comes to matters of love.


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