Read This When You’re Confronted With Heartbreak

Heartbreak. The feeling that everyone feels at some point in their life. That big break up, the falling out; the sinking of your heart so far into your stomach that you’re almost certain it will never come up for air again. The phone call, the text message; the feeling of everything you’ve known crumbling down around you while the only thing you can do is sit and watch, paralyzed. The anger, the fear, the confusion. How could they do this? What am I going to do? How could this happen?

It feels like the world is crashing down around you, like you’ve shattered into a million tiny pieces that are going to be impossible to put back together. But who said you needed to be put back together the same way as before?

It seems disastrous at first. You’ve been knocked completely off your path. Rock bottom is pitch black and there’s no way out. But this is your chance. There is no way but up when you’re at the bottom, and when you’re at the bottom is your moment to take the time to focus completely on you and rebuild and restructure yourself and your life. You pick up the broom and sweep up those pieces, the pieces that you thought were going to be impossible to put back together– and you discard the pieces that no longer serve you or who you want to be. Throw away the illusions and misconceptions you held before because they no longer exist. You’re coming back a brand new you.

Heartbreak. One of, if not, the worst feeling that someone will feel in their life; but also, the most important. I’ve been witness to some of the most important self transformations after intense heartbreaks—myself included.

You get knocked off your path and it seems disastrous.

But you come back a brand new you on a better path than before.

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