9 Descriptions Of How It Felt To Lose You

Flickr / fractured-fairytales
Flickr / fractured-fairytales


It felt like finally putting down a heavy bag I’d been carrying for weeks. I was both relieved to be rid of the weight but I felt completely lopsided without it.


It felt like waking up from a dream, heartbroken that it wasn’t real, but not surprised.


It felt like accidentally ruining my favorite shirt, but realizing it really didn’t look that good on me all along.


It felt flipping the pillow to the cold side but realizing both are warm.


It was like every time I left my parents to go back to college, more eager than anything to get back to freedom, but still crying half of the drive back.


It felt like rolling over in bed in the morning to realize I’m alone but find my favorite stuffed animal from childhood in your place.


It felt like my favorite pen running out of ink, but getting an excuse to explore Target to find new ones.


It felt like getting into a horrible fight with my dad, only to get a hug and pep talk from my mom.


It felt like an unending wave of pain combined with a sense of relief and pride in knowing that I was right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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