5 Unconventional Uses For Tea Bags That You Definitely Want To Know About

Many of us enjoy tea for the delicious taste and health benefits it brings us. However, tea bags can also be used in unconventional ways to promote healing, deodorize, and help keep your home clean.

1. A Healing Aid

Tea bags can be used to soothe minor skin irritations such as bruises, sunburns, mosquito bites, and cold sores. Simply take a cold, dampened tea bag and place it on the affected area to help relieve the irritation and promote healing.

2. Revive Your Tired Eyes

You can use this method to reduce dark circles or tired puffy eyes. Soak a couple of tea bags in warm water and place over your closed eyes for 15-20 minutes. The tea will help reduce the puffiness and lighten dark under-eye circles.

3. Deodorizer

Keep your footwear aroma free; tuck a dry tea bag into a shoe overnight to absorb foul odors. Furthermore, instead of using baking soda, place a few tea bags into a Tupperware container to keep your fridge smelling fresh.

4. Degreaser

Soaking your dishes overnight with a couple of brewed tea bags will help remove tough, baked on grease. This will make them easier to clean the next day.

5. Pest Repellant

Tea bags have also been proven to be an effective and affordable way to keep bugs and rodents out of your home. Simply place them in your cabinets, pantries, and other problem areas. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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