Why You Should Love Your Cycle (Not Hate It)

Elise Mesner
Elise Mesner

Yes, I’m talking about your period. Well, kind of. I’m actually talking about your whole cycle, which your period is only a part of. There is a whole lot more going on throughout the month than we realise. And you guys, it is seriously magic. Let me explain.

Several months ago I attended a workshop called ‘Honouring your cycle in business’ and what I learned in that workshop was pretty amazing. There are certain times within the month that are best for planning, for being productive, for networking and for doing nothing.

I took stacks of notes, applied what I learned in the workshop, did a heap more reading and started closely tracking my own ‘phases’. I discovered that by honouring where I was at and giving myself what I needed at certain times, it was the most incredibly effective form of self-care. And maintaining that has had a huge effect in my life.

The last few months have been epic for me. I have gotten myself published on huge websites I would never have expected to, ran my first weekend retreat, acheived consistent HD’s at uni and designed my own range of self-care toolkits. All with a toddler who is with me the majority of the time. I can honestly put all of that down to the fact that I manage my time, and more importantly my energy, in a really conscious and purposeful way.

And of course, me being me, I want to tell you all about it. I have created a full 90 minute workshop around this, so please be aware this is very much a summary but I wanted to give you a bit of a run down so you have some clue of what I’m on about.

The first week (or thereabouts) of your cycle is your ‘Reflective Phase’. This is generally when you’re menstruating. I call this ‘hibernating bear’ time. Our energy is low and we need to recharge. It’s a peaceful, still, meditative space which is great for daydreaming and brainstorming, but not much good for getting your to-do list done. Motivation is generally zero.

The second week is your ‘Dynamic Phase’. Ever have times when you’re just on fire and getting heaps done, but maybe you get a little frustrated that others aren’t keeping the pace? We are a powerhouse this week. We are confident and independent and able the think really clearly. Fab time for learning new things, not a great time for being a frustrated stay at home mum, looking for some mental stimulation. Been there!

Next up is the ‘Expressive Phase’. This is ovulation time. We are like a sparkly little fairy. We flit around, loving everyone, being very empathetic and nurturing. Great time for networking and having conversations that require emotional strength. Difficult though to sit down and study or focus on a task. I never try to get an assignment done this week. Or if I do, I make sure I have my focus crystals, oils and teas to get me through.

Lastly, it’s the ‘Creative Phase’. This one can get a bad rap. This is wild woman time. We are great at being creative, assertive, finding inspiration and identifying problems. We are not always so great at keeping our cool. Thoughts and emotions can get overwhelming, resulting in anxious and frustrated feelings, as well as upset loved ones.

Is any of this sounding familiar? Do you know where you’re at in your cycle right now? Maybe just check in with yourself every few days and see whether maybe you’re feeling the effects of the phase you’re in. Of course, it’s all ‘generalised’ and we can be affected by lots of other factors, but I’d love to hear from you to see how you find it. It can be pretty amazing once you’re aware of these intricacies.

If you’re keen to do some more reading check out a book called The Optimized Woman, as that is where this whole idea originated. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Carlie Maree is a writer, speaker, coach and sole/soul-mumma of one.

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