To The Girls Who Saved Me With Their Friendship

Annie Theby

There are several things I need to say to you.

The first being, thank you. I don’t want to make myself seem desperate by graciously thanking you for being my friends but honestly, why not. You proved to me that there are good people in this world.

This was a daunting time for me. I had left my family home and was living in the large city of Boston with three girls who I saw as monsters. I met you at about the time when I moved out of my devastating roommate situation and started my life as a commuter. You met me in a time of transition.

Looking back, my life seemed like an unfortunate reality show. The kind that people watch just to make themselves feel better about their own lives. So, props to you for seeing who I am and looking past my imperfections. I was not only moving out of my apartment but also in the process of obtaining a restraining order against my ex-boyfriend. When that didn’t scare you away, I learned there are people in this world who aren’t judgmental.

Instead of staying out of my drama and risking the chance of others judging you as well…

You dove in.

You took me to parties where we saw my roommates. You took the blame for things they said about me. You helped me find comfort in one of the most uncomfortable situations.

You woke up with me on a hungover Saturday to see campus security. You watched as I poured my dramatic feelings to the concerned security guard. You pushed me to move forward with their advice.

You sent me good luck texts before I went against him in court.

You did these things barely knowing me.

You are the girls I hope my daughters become someday.

Everyone told me “college will be better than high school” and it wasn’t; until you came and rescued me. You showed me how to live without caring about what others thought about me. You showed me how to live without worrying.

So, let’s forget about the classes we missed, the enemies we’ve made, and the puke-filled nights. Let’s remember the adventures, the strangers’ cars we’ve escaped from, and the shitty neighbors in 210.

I finally feel like I’m in college.

I’ve finally found you.

My forever friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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