8 Things You Should Do In Your 20s


1. Get through a really hard breakup.

One that knocks you out, making it hard to breathe – like you took a punch. One that makes you think you’ll never fall in love again. Take your time, realize you’re totally capable of rebuilding yourself, and do it. Be proud of that W and blare Katy Perry’s Roar with the windows down.

2. Fall in love again.

Because you’re fabulous and deserve the world. Fall in love with someone you’re not constantly defending because that’s just exhausting. I know this sounds cheesy but fall in love with someone who makes you want to be a better person. Seriously, do it. Good men are out there, trust me. Smile pretty, hold your head high and watch them flock.

3. Go to Vegas.

Keep it classy, but definitely go to Vegas.

4. Online dating.

Try online dating at least once, but quit the minute you get a message like this:

“Hey gurl, you to cute . lols. Message back and ill fly you to atlanta. Id call it hotlanta the min u got here lols. Or I could move there but Im not to good w that cold you got. Your brows are perfect and ur watch to. Your the type a kid would move for lol distance aint a thnig. Let me know and stay focused bcuz im focused on you. I would like to meet somebody and see what happens. If it goes well well will see how it goes.”


5. Do work you’re really proud of.

Find what you love and do it. Yes, it’s scary. Yes, some people might think it’s stupid, but you know what I say to those people? I say, “shut up, you’re stupid.”
Just kidding, I don’t actually say that but I would bet the new Michael Kors Selma bag they wish they had the guts to stand up for what they believe in, like you do. Do it and then dedicate your first book to them.
Haters gon’na hate.

6. Travel.

On the radio the other day, they were talking about what people on their deathbed say they wish they had done more of. If I were in that situation right now, I would be wishing I had traveled more.
So that night, guess what I did; I booked a flight to California, and for my birthday I’m going to Vancouver. Why Vancouver? Because I can and, as the kids say these days, #YOLO.

7. Get involved with a church you love.

Go every week and draw nourishment from the grace you’ll experience. Don’t hit the snooze on Sunday morning, get up, get going, and watch as it repairs and strengthens areas of your life you gave up on a long time ago. Hands down the single best decision I have ever made in my life.

8. Don’t compromise.

Write down 5 things that you absolutely will not tolerate in a relationship — even if he looks like Hugh Jackman, a.k.a. handsome on a stick. Make the list and stick to it.

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