10 Types Of People On Facebook You Need To Unfollow

There’s always that one type of annoying Facebook friend that you don’t want to see in your newsfeed. Good thing Facebook has enabled the unfollow button to hide them from your personalized newspaper.

1. The Spoiler

I’ll be more specific on this, if you missed the last episode of The Walking Dead, you might want to stay away from social media or the internet because surely, there will be people who would update such spoiler news on their walls. And you would hate it… and I know what you’re going to do next.

2. The Hashtagger

#too #much #hashtags #what #is #that? #is #this #the #in #thing #now?
There’s a proper way to use hashtags my dear.

3. The Dear Diary

Have you ever heard of blogger.com? Do you even know the word blog?
There’s a big difference between a status and a blog. Nobody would ever read a status update that says “see more” at the end of it. Facebook is not yet a public diary if I’m not mistaken. Cut your long status update short and don’t make it your daily blog.

4. The Me, Myself and I

I am truly glad to see a picture update from you but seeing a selfie from you every hour is just too much. Not to mention your Instagram updates full of yourself and an album with the title, “Me, Myself and I” that you keep up-to-date each day too.

5. The Liquifier

Okay, maybe you’re a model-wannabe and you’re skilled in Photoshop but that doesn’t mean you can edit every photo that you have to post it on Facebook. It’s okay to liquify it a bit but if it reached the point that you’re changing a whale to be as slim as Dory in Finding Nemo, you might want to tweak it back to make it more believable.

6. The Preacher

Granted that you’re really religious and you read the bible daily, it’s okay to post and share a bible verse once in a while. But sharing it every day will do no good.

7. The Fisher

People saying “I look so awful” or “I look so ugly” either through a status update or a photo. Seriously, if you’re just trying to make somebody tell you that you really look good and fish for more compliments, you better stop. That certainly is a sign that you’re just looking for reassurance and attention.

8. The Flooder

Liking spree, sharing everything. Too much posts basically. Those memes from 9gag are really funny. Yes, I totally agree with you but when it comes to sharing it on Facebook every split second, it is another issue. You can just ask us to go to 9gag to see all those funny things.

9. The Relative

To that fan who is actually your relative:

“Dear Mom,

I appreciate that you always acknowledge my posts on Facebook but doing it every time I post something is too much. Stop stalking everything on my wall.”

10. The Grammar Nazi

You’re more likely to be more conscious of your posts on Facebook when you’re aware that there’s a Grammar Nazi in your friends list but this one is different:

Post: “It annoys me when people mix up “there” and “they’re” like your so dumb”

You might be the one unfollowing this person. TC Mark

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