8 Things Twins Have To Deal With Daily

Djomas / (Shutterstock.com)
Djomas / (Shutterstock.com)

1. Constant stares.

This is by far the most annoying thing ever. It’s one thing when someone just takes a second glance, but it’s as if people feel they have the right to stare for hours just because you are twins. That’s a huge NO! It never feels comfortable and it’s creepy.

2. “Oh wait, let me guess…”

All the time! It isn’t really annoying but it definitely gets awkward when you stand there and smile as you wait for the person to figure out that you’re twins.

3. Choosing favorites.

It’s crazy to me that this even happens, but I once had a friend who told me, “I like you way better than your sister.” The crazy thing is that she thought I would keep it between us, but of course I went and told my sister! If you have a favorite, keep it to yourself.

4. Being compared.

People are constantly trying to figure out who’s smarter or who’s funnier and they think they get a pass because you are twins, but this is hurtful and damaging.

5. “How can you tell the difference?”

Twins get asked this question so often that the same response rolls off the tongue, almost like they’ve been saying it since birth. It sucks even more when you don’t give people the obvious difference they hope for: “I’m covered in red polka dots!”

6. If you turn down a guy, he goes for your sister.

Yes, this happens. A couple years ago, I turned down a guy who proceeded to ask me, “How about your sister?” Maybe he was just having a moment, but it still happened.

7. People assume you know everything about the Olsen Twins and Sister, Sister.

I should start off by saying I love the Olsen Twins and I was a huge fan of Sister, Sister, but not all twins are the same!

8. Having to share.

There’s nothing worse than feeling as if you are not your own person. If everyone gets one apple, you shouldn’t have to share one and you most definitely should not be the only ones with nametags in your French class. (Me and my sister never wore them.).

I know not all twins are the same; some love to be exactly alike and some absolutely hate each other. Being one can have its negative moments, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Who else can say they were born with their best friend? And when everyone talks about having his or her day one (that special person who has been there from the start), you can mean it in its literal form. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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