4 Life Lessons We Should Learn From Rappers

Let’s face it, rappers on the radio are way more successful than most of us. So maybe it’s time to overlook the derogatory lyrics and tune into their wisdomosity.

1. Money Isn’t a Bad Thing

Call me materialistic but honestly, money is awesome. People, on the other hand, are not. We are so quick to blame money for our problems, but that doesn’t make much sense. Money makes the world go round, money buys us yummy food and pretty clothes and a trendy apartment in the city outskirts. Money is the force that makes dreams come true because if you have a great idea and want to open your business, you can’t do much without some sort of financial investment, honey.

Rappers love to ramble on and on about all the money they have and most people probably find that incredibly annoying. But you know what’s even more annoying? Hearing you bitch about all the bills you have to pay. Pinch me if you’ve ever heard a rapper say “I hate money”. Why would they hate on something that makes their life super interesting and exotic? Instead, most rappers live by the saying, “money comes easily and frequently”, and maybe the secret is that if you love money, it will love you back!

2. Success is Usually a Struggle

The rap game is a competitive place and in fact, very difficult to succeed even with talent and hard work. It is important to realize that rappers that actually get signed on a label and are played on the radio are an incredible minority. So basically, they must have done something right to be where they are.

Rappers love to boast about their success but so does everybody else, via their Facebook statuses. The difference between rappers and normal people is mostly that rappers honestly acknowledge that their success didn’t come easy. People that act like they get what they want on their first try are liars. Admitting to failure is a true feat and in a way, inspirational to those who aren’t where they deserve to be. And also, if Lil Wayne is worth like 5 million bucks, there’s hope for the rest of us.

3. Basic Ho’s vs. Bad Bitches

We all know that rappers are terribly condescending towards women but in their defense, these are women that are most likely professional groupies with no self-respect. In other words, these are the basic ho’s. She might even be pretty at first glance, but after a while, a basic bitch is a basic bitch no matter how you dress her. Nicely put, she’s just plain boring with a touch of vapid. She’s insecure and for that reason, has a shallow taste in men. Basic ho’s pray on attractive and /or rich men for their attention. But men don’t like these types of girls because 1. they’re too easy, 2. they’re too uninteresting and 3. they’re simply pathetic.

On the other hand, there are the bad bitches. These women hold their ground and can be very intimidating. They don’t necessarily have identifying qualities like beauty or intelligence but for some reason they are memorable. Rappers have coined the ‘bad bitch’ term and we surprisingly know who they are referring to. You recognize a bad bitch when you see her because she has a powerfully mysterious presence. She doesn’t do much talking either, her strut does it for her.

Anyways, the moral of the story is that rappers rap about both types of women. And the type that they don’t really appreciate is the type that follows them around like a lost puppy. So if you’re noticing that men don’t treat you like they should, it might be because you’re not treating yourself like you should. Read some books, take up pilates, and have your own interests for Christ sakes! Stop making your life revolve around men because I guarantee that they will kick you to the curb faster than an aluminum can on the street.

4. Embrace Heartbreak

Bad bitches break hearts. All men are vulnerable, no matter how rich or beautiful or strong or self-infatuated. I would say that 98% of rappers and famous people in general are pretty self – infatuated on the surface and yet they’ve all gotten their hearts broken by that one special person.

The lesson to be learned here is that nobody is safe from heart break but that’s okay because heartbreak can be inspiring. Some of the best songs ever written have been the direct result of heartbreak. So yeah, you’re allowed to be depressed and a little suicidal and even eat your weight in ice cream after a love has ended. But don’t take this moment totally for granted. You could do great things while you’re miserable like actually improve on yourself so that you can avoid a future breakup or even better, do something great for society by tapping into a talent you’ve been too lazy to use back when you were happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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