8 Reasons Your Lineage Is The Best Part Of Being In A Sorority

Twenty20 / Zhora
Twenty20 / Zhora

1. You loved them before you knew them.

As a new member when you start to receive gifts from your future Big, you weren’t entirely certain who they were, but you already loved them. The gifts are symbolic in the whole process. It is one person’s ability to give blindly to someone who they will counsel, mentor and love no matter what. Then you meet your Great-Great-Grand Big one day and they love you the same way too, because you are all part of a little family that is all your own.

2. They are your rock within your sorority.

Sororities can be big or small, but let’s face it, not every group of girls is going to get along. For those times when the girls in your PC are driving you nuts or the E-Board is being totally unfair to you, your fam has your back. Your lin will defend you no matter what, so you’re never alone.

3. They’re cute.

They’re cute, because they’re yours.

4. They give the best advice.

Or at least they always try! Through weird hookups and serious boyfriends, you never hesitate to tell your Big the details of your love life, and she won’t hesitate to give you the best advice she can muster up. She is usually so awesome that you can’t wait to do the same for your future little.

5. They know your favorite alcohol.

While this may seem trivial, it is awesome to have a fam that gets you a bottle of your favorite whiskey on your birthday when everyone else got you stupid tequila.

6. Every card they have ever given you makes you cry.

Every piece of writing from my big and my little always brings me to tears. They know what to say to really strike a chord in you, and you read those cards when you’re having an emotional night after work as a post-grad and need some reassuring words.

7. Alumni weekend and homecoming are the best.

You get to see your fam AND meet the new additions that have been made to your family tree! Cue all of those love-them-before-you-even-know-them feelings.

8. Family is forever.

In real life this is true, and in sorority life. Your fam will be at your wedding. Life gets crazy, and you might not see them or get to talk for long periods of time, but when you finally see them or chat, you pick up right where you left off.

For anyone who might have their qualms with Greek Life, there is nothing bad to be said about the concept of a lineage because it is such a positive driving force within the whole system. To all the Littles and Bigs to be out there- have so much fun getting to know your awesome new fam! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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