What Is Life?

image - Flickr / Franca Gimenez
image – Flickr / Franca Gimenez

We know what it is… and then we really don’t.

Life is…

Life is turning 6 and playing through endless summer, when tomorrow isn’t until tomorrow, which makes for some long days. In all the best ways. Life is turning 26 and watching the season come back that just changed. A season is a day!

Life is feeling tremendous, then feeling shit. You know “the shit” well. You’ve been there before. It feels like home. You prefer the shit days because being on a high only means you’re scared to fall back into the inevitable shit.

Life is looking out the window, or feeling the sunshine when you’re at work and instantly becoming aware of how only you can pick with what you will fill your days. And you can’t pick how many days you get to fill. It’s easier just to go to that happy hour than it is to think about it.

Life is constantly biting your nails and wishing they’d grow. Regrets and dreams.

It’s more than repetition. If life played on repeat we’d be more bored and we’d definitely give less of a shit. Knowing you can’t figure it out means you need to stay on your toes.

Life is getting to the weekend only to begin worrying about Monday. Or to get to the weekend and worry about Monday so it’s Friday and you’re reading a blog post on your phone about how to unplug and “be present” so as not to worry about Monday. Oh wait, no that’s just adulthood.

Life is shattered hearts, glued together pieces and moments of clarity that end faster than the seasons at age 26.

Life is spending your days growing fractures of wrinkles, over analyzing and worrying about conversations that will die with the people who created them.

Life is writing lists, changing lists, losing lists, and reading lists.

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