7 Things They Don’t Teach You In School

School is important for the necessities in life like learning how to read the news, or learning how to calculate the money you’ve spent on groceries. Unfortunately, it doesn’t teach you how to write a check, how to deal with heartbreak or how to waive off late credit card charges. Most of all, it doesn’t teach you these lessons which took me a while (and a few bruises) to learn. Harsh, but someone’s gotta talk about it right?

1. Love all, trust few, paddle your own canoe.

Everyone is a friend in school. Sure, a little bit of bickering here and there, and a lot of “no, I didn’t study” when you did (You got an A, you prick.), but it’s a mere walk in the park compared to working life. You may think your friends/colleagues/bosses have your back, but more often than not, they have their own back. And what does that leave you with? Yourself. I’m not saying to never trust anyone ever again, but — and here’s where your gut instincts come in — learn to stay far, far away from dodgy people and always, always be prepared to paddle your own canoe when you need to.

2. Drop it like it’s hot.

This has been a lesson that I’ve had to learn, again and again, countless times, because I always want to see the good in people. Well, some people are worth a second chance, while some absolutely stink. And if you can’t fight them, walk away while you still can.

3. Act less, live longer.

Sometimes, things are out of your control. Leave it. And sometimes you may feel a BURNING URGE to stand up for your friend. Your BFF who has stuck with you through thick and thin? Go for it. That friend you’ve just met for all of a week? I’d say walk away. You don’t have to make every little thing your business. Especially when you’re not sure if they’d do the same.

4. Stop trying to please others.

Because whoever you’re dealing with now won’t matter in 20 years. Only you will.

5. Always have your bus fare home.

It’s only smart to have a back-up plan when things don’t go according to plan. You may want to open a cafe, or start a business, but if that fails, you need to know what to do next. Do you have money to fall back on, or are you going to subsist on white bread? What is your plan B, C, and D? What is your bus fare home?

6. Your boss is not your friend.

Not matter how pally you are with him or her, some things don’t change — like the fact that your boss pays your bills. If you are an employer, and your employee (or friend) just lost an important deal, would it matter to you if you learned that he had just broken up with his girlfriend, and that’s why he couldn’t concentrate? No. You are only going to rip into him because he lost your biggest client, and money. It’s not about his well-being or his broken heart and whether you care about it or not, it’s going to be about your money and your reputation. Same goes for whoever is above you in the office food chain.

7. You don’t have to rely on material things or your work to be happy.

Here’s some good news (finally!), happiness is not derived from your job or passing your exams or buying a Birkin. Many people think that sheer hard work will lead to success, which will lead to a promotion and of course, happiness — because finally, there’s the light at the end of the tunnel! Right? It’s like how you think you’d be happier if only you moved into a bigger house. When the truth is, if you do move to a bigger house, you’ll then just start wanting a mansion. And when you get that mansion? You’ll want an island, Johnny Depp-style. It never ends. But if you’re innately happy and satisfied? It shows up in whatever you do, even if you’re living on a farm, in the middle of nowhere, with no Birkin in sight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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