The Harsh Truth Is That No One Belongs To Anybody

We are deceived by the idea that the people we love belong to us. The truth is, nobody belongs to anybody. We are all finite beings who belong only to ourselves, and in a matter of years, we’ll go back to the universe.

We think our parents own us. We think we forever belong to our partners, to our friends, to our family. We bind ourselves to these people for life, and every time we lose someone, we get disappointed. We go through the same cycle of grief and disbelief, like we didn’t see that coming.

Spoiler: We belong to no one, and nobody belongs to us.

At the end of the day, after all the chaos, the mishaps, the happenings, we go to bed alone. We feel alone. We grieve alone. We think alone. The only valuable thing anyone can offer you is their presence, but what you go through, you go through alone.

That is the ugly truth that humankind cannot comprehend till this present day. No matter how many of your friends show up at your doorstep, no matter how long your mother stays by your side, no matter how many nights your boyfriend sleeps over, the truth is, these people are on a timer, they will eventually go back to their own lives, and you will have to face everything alone. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these people are bad people, but it’s the science of the world, the mechanism of humankind is to look after their own self first, to want their own wellbeing first.

My advice to you, pull yourself together, lose your expectations of others, understand that the presence of your loved ones is something you should value but not cling onto, and understand that everything is temporary — the people, the pain, and our whole existence. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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