Why You Need To Leave Your Toxic Friends Behind For Good

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

Take this advice. Trust me – I’ve had my fair share of them.

They aren’t nice people. They don’t want the best for you the way that a true friend should. To be honest, they probably never really cared too much about you to begin with anyway.

And they’ve probably fooled you up until this point – because for a while, you really thought that everything about them was great. In fact, I don’t even doubt that you’ve probably had some genuinely great moments with these friends—nights out on the town, girls night with a bottle of wine, maybe even some real vulnerable secret sharing—you know, the sort of times and instances that make it hard to really see just how detrimental these sorts of people may be.

But aside from whatever precious memories you may cherish with them, know that a few good memories don’t make them good people.

Those few tidbits don’t make every other negative aspect of your relationship okay, nor does it make up for all of the hurtful comments, instances and times that you really felt yourself questioning the fairness of this relatively one-sided friendship. You can forgive and forget the times that a real friend may have hurt you, but not so much a toxic one. In fact, if you do, they will inevitably just fuck you over all over again.

Like clockwork, these sorts of people always do.

Because the truth of the matter is that it isn’t just one particular person in your life, nor will it ever just be one person.

No, these are the sorts of friends—the sorts of people—who will continue to be in and out of your life. You don’t and can’t ever really escape running into them at one point or another. It’s more about preventing them from making their way into your life, or at least finding a permanent place there.

So cut ties with these friends. Don’t let them control your days or your moods or really any aspect of your life. Don’t let these friends affect you in any less-than-positive way.

Because a true friend, the ones that do deserve to be a staple in your life, are the ones who do want the best for you.

They’re the friends who know when you need them and show up, no questions asked. These are the people who you’ve never had to worry about.

You’ve never questioned any aspect of your friendship. To put it simply, these are the ones who clearly and blatantly give a shit.

So maybe these are the friends that are more difficult to find—at least the good ones. And that being said, be selective with these people. Know that despite how some of those shitty friends may make you feel at times, you don’t need to settle for that kind of immaturity. I can attest that even when it seems impossible, there are people—real people—out there who care.

And even if you haven’t quite found them all yet, make room and start by leaving the toxic ones behind. They don’t care about you in the way that they should. They’re not worth your time.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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