I’m Glad I Loved Myself First Before You

Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash

I’m glad for all the nights I spent by myself. Even with the disapproving looks of society, I’m glad I was brave enough to embrace being on my own.

I’m glad I never shied away from eating out by myself. Although I still remember the look of that one waitress, I hope it was enough for her to realize that eating out alone is not a big deal.

I’m glad for the people who always assumed I was lonely because I was alone.

It was farther from the truth, but I’m glad that I often took the high road in those situations.

I’m glad for the music that spoke to me. At least now I have a good music selection to share and listen with you.

I’m glad for Hollywood’s obsession with romantic movies. Without it, I wouldn’t have learned that similar to everyday life, we have to pick and choose who we share our heart with.

I’m glad for my dogs and their unconditional love. In their eyes, love is simple, and it should be like that.

I’m glad for all the moments where I third-wheeled. Can’t say I regret any of it because I’ll be honest, it gave me access to some tasty food!

I’m glad that I was my friends’ first option as that one-friend-to-rely-on-when-their-significant-other-isn’t-available. Relax, it was always fun.

I’m glad that I dated assholes and jerks. All the memories of pretending to be interested in a conversation, breadcrumbing, and ghosting have helped made me wiser, I believe.

I’m glad for every encounter that I experienced for doing things alone. Sure, there are some moments where I shake my head when recalling the memories, but these encounters helped me learn to truly love myself first.

I always knew that you were somewhere out there waiting for me, but I was made tired by others until we were both on the same road.

Loving myself was the biggest life lesson from all the crappy dates, judgmental people, and unnecessary “lonely” comments.

There is no need for you completing me because over the years I embraced being on my own.

I slowly became whole, my own person.

The person whose hand you chose to walk within this life, and for that, I will always be glad I loved myself first before you. TC mark

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