If He Wants To Love You, Let Him

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It’s time to lay down your armor and put it away. It’s time to stop building the walls higher. It’s time to stop numbing your heart. It’s time to stop the cynicism and skepticism over dating. It didn’t work in the past, but maybe it was because you gave your heart to the wrong person. It’s not your fault either because we’ve all done that.

If your significant other wants to love you, let him. Don’t take out past bad experiences on him because he wasn’t responsible for it. He’s not out there trying to prove that not all men are the same – he’s simply trying to be himself and giving you the freedom to decide whether you can accept and love him for being that, him.

If the way he loves is starting to become exactly how you imagined falling in love will be then perhaps it is.

Don’t turn skeptical and convince yourself that “it’s too good to be true” because believe it or not, the universe can be good to you and you, my dear, deserve the goodness of life.

Luckily for you, your partner is right there willing to show you the beauty of life and love.

If his way of loving you is through affectionate words then let him express how beautiful he thinks you are or how he has fallen in love with you. This one time, do yourself a big favor by accepting that you are indeed a stunning person who is worth loving. Quit reminiscing on the past and living out the constant fear of your partner being another fuckboy. If ever you should believe in sincere words, his is the one to keep.

If he wants to spoil you with random gifts then don’t stop him. It doesn’t make you materialistic or superficial, but if his decision to spoil you is because he wants to then you let him do so. This isn’t about him attempting to buy your love or trying to win over your heart with nice things. He understands that you’re not that type of person. Plus, he never fell for you because of your shallow personality.

If he says you’re his queen and has only shown that he’s walk the talk then why deprive him of your trust? Strong women are not those who cower at the opportunity where she is risking her heart and exposing her vulnerable side. Strong women are those who are aware of such situations and forge ahead regardless. That demonstration of strength is merely one of many reasons as to why he sees you as his queen. Believe that you are much stronger and capable than you think you are in a relationship.

Never let your past experiences in love dictate the amount of love that you deserve from your significant other. He didn’t choose you to be a part of his life to hurt you, he’s there to show that you are deserving of every drop of his love.

Right now, it may feel surreal that someone so caring and thoughtful is able to love you so fully, but the truth is, you are absolutely deserving of his love. Trust in your instinct when it tells you that he is a good guy because he could in fact be one. This year is the year when you should see exactly what he sees in you: A strong, bold woman whose heart of gold is absolutely worth loving in return. TC mark

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