Be With The One Who Knows Your Worth

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No fear, no regrets, and certainly no thinking twice. You feel it deep inside and he’s the reason that you made a little wish for him to be the person who will make you laugh uncontrollably every single day. He’s got you hooked and somehow, your fear of being abandoned has never crossed your mind.

A little voice whispered in your ear and reassured you that with him, things will be okay. It was a choice, his choice, and that choice was to include you in his life. Since then, it’s become clearer to you why you never needed to doubt him or his actions.

He’s the one who doesn’t make you feel terrified about opening up because he is your safe place.

He’s the one who holds you tight with every hug because he never wants to let you go.

He’s the one who volunteers to clean the dishes because he appreciates the time you put in preparing dinner.

He’s the one who reminds you of how beautiful you are because sweetheart, you are.

He’s the one who never gets tired of reminding you that he isn’t going to leave you because there is no reason for him to.

He’s the one who fully supports your aspirations and he has zero intentions in getting in your way to the top.

He’s the one who shares the blanket at night because he can’t stand the thought of you feeling cold when you’re asleep.

He’s the one who willingly carries the groceries not because he thinks you can’t do it alone, but because he wants to be your helping hands.

He’s the one who can easily cheer you up when he sees you cry because he hates the thought of seeing you sad.

He’s the one who pushes you to try new things because sweetheart, you’re meant for more than the mundane.

He’s the one who gives you confidence that he’ll move mountains to reach you because he’s not one to give up so quickly.

He’s the one who comforts you when revealing your past because even he knows that everybody has a story to tell and that’s okay.

He’s the one who can’t get enough of watching you sleep every single night and morning because that’s how much he treasures you.

He’s the one that makes you constantly pinch yourself not because he’s what you’ve been searching for rather because you can’t believe someone can make your life even better.

He’s the one who isn’t afraid to show how much you mean to him and that’s something you can’t replicate when you’re with a man who values you. TC mark

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