This Is Why I’ll Make It Happen with You

Aricka Lewis

I can’t choose the color of my skin.
I don’t have a say on my nationality.
I’m not the most religious person in the world.
I know how important tradition is to you.
I know that I have a lot to learn.
In spite of all these things I promise to make it work with you.

I’m terrible in articulating my feelings.
I know I curse like a sailor.
I’m aware that I can be a Negative Nancy on most days,
I know that I’m a lot to deal with especially with my anxiety.
I’m well aware that overthinking isn’t a solution.
Despite all this, I’m willing to fix the bad parts of me if it means I can become a better person because of you.

Your mother is the number one person in your life and your sister is equally as important, I get it.
I may not have the closest relationship with my family.
I know things with my father is complicated.
I know that I can try harder to be a better daughter and sister to my family.
Moving ahead, I will try harder and actually mean it this time around.
I will do it because I know how important family means to you and I respect that because I respect you.

See the thing is you’ve changed my life in ways you can’t even fathom.
Since the first day we met, the puzzle pieces of what I thought I knew about love became unhinged.
Taking this leap of faith is scary for me but I know that you’re worth the risk.
In the past where I typically run away, I look into your eyes and realize I want to stay right beside you.
With every passing day where you are not here with me, it makes me miss you and I have no fear of letting you know of this.

I know how comfortable I am when you have your arms wrapped around me.
The sound of your heartbeat is a soothing lullaby that I want to hear again and again.
Mostly, I feel I’m at a place where I belong whenever I’m around you.
For you, I will make it happen because you are important to me whether you realize it or not.

So I will give you the time and I will certainly give you the space.
However, I’m not here to change your mind if ever you’re uncertain about me.
I know where I stand and I know my worth.
I acknowledge that there are challenges ahead and yeah, I know that it may not be easy as we forge ahead.
Even though the road along the way may be bumpy, I know that having you by my side will make it less painful.

Maybe it’s true that I will have to climb some mountains and swim across oceans, but I will do it because I want to make it happen with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Storyteller by nature and oversharing details is my forte.

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