I Hope You Remember The Taste Of My Lips

Jeremy Bishop

The same lips that touched your soul and made you believe that falling in love again was possible.

The lips that once traced down the contours of your neck and chest.

These lips that you gave hope to, only for you to take it away again.

The lips that was tattooed with your name.

The exact lips that you found irresistible at one point in time.

These lips that convinced you that dating isn’t a field of boobytraps.

These lips that readied you for the possibility of a committed relationship.

These lips that reminded you of a place filled with peace and passion.

The lips that drove you mad during arguments and left you completely infatuated in bed.

The same lips that your fingers traced back and forth in the hope of discovering everlasting love.

These are the lips which told you that building a home together made sense.

These same lips that drove you to travel hundreds of miles to be with your sweetheart.

These lips that blew your mind seeing someone speak so passionately about current affair issues.

These are the same lips that never admitted to loving you in fear of being rejected.

These lips are still here to confess of the unspoken words meant solely for you.

These lips, my lips are yours and I hope you still remember of its taste. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Storyteller by nature and oversharing details is my forte.

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