An Open Letter To The Ex Who Kissed Me

Kristina Flour

I feel sorry for you. Really I do. You’re a man with absolutely no moral compass which I’m guessing is why you did what you did.

When you said that it’s ‘normal’, what exactly were you referring to? Was it an ex making a move on an ex? Or was it an ex making a move on their ex even though they (you) are dating someone else?

I pity you. It seems you never learnt your lesson at all. You never understood what loyalty meant or what is required out of a commitment.

Shame on you. Out in public, you create this image of a God-fearing, Jesus-loving man and I’ll admit, it works well in a society that prefers a religious partner. If only they could see underneath all those layers of masks and costumes that you hide behind – then they’ll get to see the true version of you.

Karma exists.

Why don’t you understand that? It’s the simplest life lesson out there and even the Holy Bible preaches it: You reap what you sow. You’re walking a rope hoisted above fire and at some point, you will get burned.

Harshly put, you are pathetic. You shamelessly walk around as this person enriched in religious values and honest principles, but look at you. You are nothing close to what others perceive of you and really that’s your loss.

While you’re carrying on with your unfaithful ways, there’s a girl in her coveted white coat at the laboratory with whom you’re not being honest. She’s out there waiting for you and staying loyal to you yet you’re out there putting your lips on public display. As she lays at night thanking her lucky stars that she’s met you and hoping that the stars will align this time around, you’re taking advantage of her gratitude and commitment for your own sick pleasure.

Truly and honestly, shame on you.

At some point, I hope you’ll one day understand the real meaning of love and everything else that it entails. You’re a grown man and that’s a fact which you clearly have yet to grasp. I know that at some point you’ve been taught to respect others and to treat others the way you would want to be treated, but I see that you’re far from being able to implement those rules in your life.

Until you realize that there are consequences to your wrongdoings then do us women a favor and please, keep your lips to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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