5 Dating Behaviors That Are Actually Sabotaging Your Love Life


1. Stick to the Rules.

Wait​ 3 days before replying to a text because you’ve been told that guys will find you more attractive that way. Be the type to approach every new date with a cold shoulder. Be the one who shares bits and pieces of yourself to the wrong men, only to wound up broken-hearted in the end. If all else fails, treat asshole guys like they’re your world, and decent guys like jerks.

2. Remain Distant.

Opt for the fuckboy and make him trick you into thinking you’re the special one in his life. Let him leave you, it’s fine, there are more fuckboys where that came from. Push people away and let it be your intention of showing people you’re happily single in this big, bad dating world. Shut off your heart since it will save you from the pain – everyone will understand. Bottom line is to stay emotionally distant and cut off anything that gets in the way of you and your mission of proving that single life is better unattached.

3. Don’t Communicate.​

We’re all adults, but even adults can act like young children! Pretend that the guy you are starting to have strong feelings for doesn’t exist and run. You don’t need them in your life; you have you and that’s more than enough. Throw communication out the window because who communicates nowadays? Disappear if you’re not remotely interested in the other person because we all know how maddening and painful rejection is. See it this way, you’re doing them a favor by freeing them from the potential of getting to know the unedited version of you.

4. Be a Love Skeptic.

Maybe you learned it from your friend or from someone close to you, but however it came about, you ended up developing a negative sentiment towards men. You deny that you hate men and instead, this is just a phase resulting from your last failed dating attempt. This phase has dragged on for awhile now that you tell the nice guys to “fuck off” because they’re “not interesting” and “below your standards”. The first thought that comes to mind during any first conversation is why men are such assholes. You foster the notion that human beings identifying themselves as male are cruel, heartless pigs on a vengeance for the next warm vagina to make as their temporary home. Well I mean, it sort of helps you filter out the ones who can deal with your crazies and not.. right?

5. Let Your Friends Make the Decision For You.

Friends​ are the family we choose thus it makes complete sense for someone like you to take their opinion with serious consideration. After all, your inner circle has been there and done that, therefore, it feels okay to assume that everyone has become wiser one failed relationship at a time. Plus they know you like the back of their hands so they must know which guy is best for you, or so you think. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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