This Is Your Reminder That Being Single Is What You Make Of It

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Time has only proven that you’re capable of doing anything you set your mind to, and you’ve never needed a significant other to get you to where you are today. You’ve done it all on your own because you are your own go-getter and motivator. Your possessions, your accolades, and the life you’ve built for yourself are results from your hard work and persistence. In working towards achieving your dreams, you often forget about dating, relationships, and love. Often you find yourself lost in the job you love so much that you can go months on end without even having a flicker of thought about men. Your friends allow you to celebrate in your single status while those who aren’t close to you wonder why you like spending so much time alone.

The truth is, you’re a single woman fully enjoying the brighter side of life.

When you’re single, you have an incredible amount of extra time to spend focusing on yourself. Be it to take up a new sport or completely spoiling yourself with frequent trips to the masseuse, you’re in-charge of what you want to do and no one’s going to stop you. Sure, some may call it selfish, but who cares? You’re single and the only responsibility you have at this stage in your life is to yourself so you have to make sure you nurture yourself the best way possible.

Go out and eat at a restaurant on your own. Have a sip of that café latte and don’t give a damn about the occasional sad glares that come your way. While to the outside perspective, they see a loner, you yourself know that you’re merely basking in the peace of your own personal space. The best part of a dining experience for a single person is that you get to indulge in what you want to eat and not have to feel bad about it.

This is absolutely your moment and your time to be consumer of your own magnificent glories! There is no better time to be full of yourself and love yourself wholeheartedly quite like when you’re in the single lane. You have the freedom to pursue your studies abroad, move overseas, travel around, flirt with that cute stranger, have lots of sex (or stay celibate), and watch Sex and The City as many times as you want. Guess what? No one can stop you.

This is certainly not to say that a single person is immune to loneliness. Loneliness isn’t something that you should deny yourself of experiencing. Allow yourself a moment or two to let the feeling of loneliness sink in. Cry if you have to, bitch if you must. Whatever you want to feel or express, do it! However, make a promise to yourself that after enduring the loneliest of nights, when you wake up, you won’t feel that sad again because there are so many better things to do when you’re single other than moping around.

Welcome the single life with open arms and accept whatever it decides to bring your way – good or bad.

When you’re able to fully acknowledge that you are single then will you find the solace you’ve been searching for. How you perceive your single status – be it a blessing or a curse – is merely based on perspective so if you decide to be a happy single person then fuck it, go and be an incredibly happy, single person! As with everything you’ve done so far in life, own this moment and craft it in a way that only you would be so proud of. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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