This Is Who I Actually Am When You Decide To Get To Know Me

Matheus Ferrero
Matheus Ferrero

I want you to see me other than for my looks.

I am made of tender love, passionate kisses, and a warm embrace.

I am woven with strength because I’ve had to endure the highs and lows of life alone for many years.
My heart tells a story of heartbreaks, disappointment, and pain yet it is glued together with hope because my heart trusts that love gives meaning to our struggles.

I am guarded because history has taught me that everyone leaves, even those we love. I’m tired of having to say goodbye.

My soul is made of courage because life and love is not for the faint of hearts.

I am made up of broken glass pieced together and I don’t mind it for a second. Everyone has baggage and I’ve decided to claim mine.

My hands are destined to uplift you during the roughest days. It is meant to fit perfectly between the spaces of your fingers.

I smile because while the world can get dark, I choose to see the light of day.

I laugh because I believe that laughter is the harmonious tune that is missing in the universe.

My eyes constantly wander as it longs to find my imperfect perfection. While my eyes have met many, none have understood its soul.

I am covered with initials of past lovers because while they’ve left me, they forgot to remove the remnants of their past. So I wear these faded marks proudly on my chest because I believe that they are all lessons that will continue to guide me.

I am much more than the drawn appeal that happens when I slap on a pair of heels at work, a dress to wear to parties, and makeup before heading out the door.

I am not defined by the labels that many have handed to me.

I am a person who deserves to love and be loved just the same as everybody else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Storyteller by nature and oversharing details is my forte.

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