Remember This When You Start To Miss Me

Cecil Vedemil
Cecil Vedemil

You made your choice months ago. While I was the one who stepped forward and made the decision for our relationship, you took it upon yourself to take the easy road. You said “thank you” when I said goodbye and left me stranded in the streets.

Time has only proven that the door you thought you had closed, remains open. Every once in awhile, I would find you trying to sneak inside the walls of my heart. You’re not much of a talker, but you are an open book that I have read numerous times.

You’re not trying to keep it “friendly” between us because I know you miss me.

Every once in awhile, I know the thought of me crosses your mind. It could be in the day, it could be while you’re in bed scrolling away at your phone. When you start missing me, remind yourself that you once had the chance of being cuddled by me. If you had actually made an effort, you would’ve still had the chance to rest your head on top of mine.

If I come to you in a dream, keep your eyes closed and let it take you to a time when I used to plant sweet kisses on you as you lay asleep. Stay in a dream state and let your memories escort you to a time when I traced my fingers down your body while you enjoyed your slumber. Don’t wake up yet or you’re going to miss remembering how I took selfies of you sleeping.

When you’re running, let the road become a reminder of our shared love for the sport. As you go the distance, allow your mind to wander freely so you remember how I can point to all your tan lines. Follow the road ahead and as your mind enters a state of trance, remind yourself of how you once found a life partner with a passion for running in me. When you reach the finish line at every race, understand that you could’ve reached it holding my hand if only you knew how to hold on to love.

When you start missing me, remember that it’s all too late now.

You made the conscious decision to walk away from sharing a life full of laughter, love, and passion with me. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up over our decisions, but deep inside you know that you’re missing out on an adventurous life without me around.

There will be the occasional chilly nights that will make you wish you had me to hold, but always remember that it was your personal choice to remove yourself from that world. I stood there for months waiting for you to return, but you never did. Now that I’ve carried on living a life without you in it, I won’t allow you to destroy my happy place just because you miss me.
You may miss me, but I don’t. Goodbye. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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