It’s Time To Be Brave And Just Go For It

Toni Hukkanen
Toni Hukkanen

The goal that you set for yourself will only be invisible words written in air canvas if you never take a chance in realizing it.

It’s scary knowing that the journey you will face (should you pursue it), may pose challenges and the risk of failure.

Often we find ourselves convinced that failure is an end-game and when we reach that destination, there is nothing to pull ourselves out of it.

So we hide.

We shelter ourselves, we seek temporary isolation, we yearn for distractions, and we avoid facing the one thing that deep inside we want to accomplish: our dreams.

You know that those dreams cannot happen if you don’t try and you cannot let fear stop you, brave girl.
You are worth witnessing your dreams come to life, and you absolutely deserve to bear the fruits of your labor.

The voices that whispered in your ears are nothing more than your fears talking you down. You can silence them if you gather enough confidence to prop yourself up.

You know that beginnings are always the hardest, but you’ve come this far in life which proves that despite facing challenges, the soldier inside of you can trample over those obstacles.

Although right now you’re not convinced, I want you to listen and understand that you are, in fact, strong and courageous enough to go after something that’s bigger than yourself.

You don’t have to doubt yourself because you have every element that makes up a winner and your perseverance won’t ever let you down.

Sometimes in life you have to take a chance in order to attain something greater and better.
The path may be tumultuous, but sometimes you have to dig deep and just go for it.

You can do it, brave girl, you can make it happen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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