You Deserve To Let Him Go And Wish Him Well


If you see that he’s smiling and being genuinely happy with his life, let him. Don’t grumble and curse him inside your heart. Allow him to enjoy this life because we all deserve that.

It’s okay to feel resentment when you see a picture of him with another girl. It’s probably the girl he’s dating. What if she was? Don’t wish negativity on him or their budding romance. Be happy that he’s out there looking for love. Here’s a side note, you should be too!

If ever the day comes that you see him in the streets or in person, don’t put up a front. Treat him as you would with anyone else because he’s no longer latched onto your heart. You’re already healed and you’ve decided to take the high road of forgiving him; remember that.

When he says “It’s good seeing you again,” be respectful and respond politely. There isn’t a need to over-analyze his words nor is there a need to assume he’s attempting to get back with you. By moving on, you no longer place extra energy to dissect his words and actions. Let that keep empowering you.

During moments when you stare into his eyes a little too long and begin missing what you had with him, remind yourself there’s a reason why it didn’t work out. Don’t allow yourself to be carried away by that fleeting moment of emotions.

Acknowledge the past and carry on with your life. There is very little good that can come out of clutching onto the “what was”. Instead, notice how far you’ve come and how well you’ve healed after everything he’s put you through.

Your life didn’t become a one-off story because of it.
Your life became better.
You don’t have to let negativity sprout inside your loving heart.
Let the embers of your flame ignite the night sky.
Someone else will see your colors.

Wish him well in the most sincere of ways and shine, beautiful girl, because you also deserve to be happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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