The Truth Is, She Can’t Love You Like I Can

Evelyn Villa
Everton Villa

I wanted to give you the sun and the moon and I certainly wanted to take you to outer space if I could. I gave you my heart and while it was a gamble, I only hoped that it would be worthwhile. No regrets. While you had my heart in the palm of your hands, you also became my world; a world that I wanted to nurture and loved being in.

I gave you my all and I tried my best: to love you, to keep you, to appreciate you, and to make you feel comfortable. I blanketed your heart and it wasn’t long until you found solace in its warmth.

So we nuzzled underneath it together, but it still wasn’t enough.

I shared so much with you even exposing my bare bones. I finally understood how it felt to make love with someone I cared about and who cared about me back. And with every gentle touch of your fingertips on my body, I felt two become one. I swam comfortably in the love we shared and I wanted to build a world out of it.

I tried to love you with all my heart, but despite it all, it wasn’t enough to change your mind. It was only enough to change your feelings for me. And there it was, two battered fighters. I grew weary in loving you and you became discontented with our love. It didn’t take long for both of us to wave the white flag and you didn’t hesitate in returning to her.

As you ran back to her arms every single night, I laid in bed covered with insecurity and confusion. I only wanted to love you, but you didn’t want my love. She can be the girl that looks perfect on paper and on the outside, but baby she can’t love you like I can.

Because if she could, you wouldn’t have returned to me after all these months. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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