5 Reasons Long Lines At Retail Stores Are The Worst


1. Time always goes by slowly. You begin to find yourself constantly checking the time to see how long you have been standing in the same position. When you finally move an inch you think in your head “one step closer.”

2. You question how many items a person can buy. There’s always that one individual who wishes to buy the whole store. Like seriously, are you some big organization company I’ve never heard of?

3. You get easily distracted. While you’re waiting to get check out of the store, you find yourself getting distracted. Personally I always count how many people are in front of me, which gives me the heads up of how much time I have left to stand in the same position.

4. People who try to cut the line. Okay, so I understand you decided to bring your whole family on a shopping spree, and that’s great! But frankly, I’ve been standing here for about 20 minutes, can you not?

5. FINALLY AT THE REGISTER. When you finally reach the register, it’s just your luck that the person completing your purchase is a total douche. They do not even ask how your day is going. My favorite line to say when this happens is, “Thank you so much for being such a good human being, have a good day.” Killing bad customer service with kindness is always great. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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