15 Things A Marriage Is Not

 Everybody Loves Raymond
Everybody Loves Raymond

1. The End Of Having Fun, forever.

2. A nagging wife and a slobby husband bickering all the time (like a sitcom might lead you to believe).

3. A death sentence to your sex life.

4. The same way it looks from the outside. Something that can be summarized by a Facebook post or an Instagram.

5. Measured by the size of the house (or apartment) you live in.

6. A way to feel like a “real adult,” if you don’t already.

7. The end of being spontaneous and having adventures in life.

8. A way to solve a flailing relationship, establish trust, or prove to anyone that you are with the right person.

9. Anyone else’s business.

10. Related, at all, to the size and cost of a wedding.

11. A message to everyone around you to start asking when you’re going to have kids.

12. Less exciting than dating.

13. Always fun.

14. Always perfect.

15. Anything but a living and breathing expression of love between two imperfect humans, who promise to do their best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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