9 Reasons Why Military Marriages Have The Strongest Love


1. Every great thinker ever has argued that we become stronger by going through trials. Some couples only have sunny days on sunny days but a military couple can’t avoid periods where things are a struggle — and we grow closer to each other as a result. Iron sharpens iron and all the hard times of moving around or being an ocean apart — the sleepless nights of worry — they end up serving us and tightening the bonds between us.

2. When you’re away from each other for periods of time, you have the time to really appreciate how great your partner is. When you’re with someone every single day, you can get annoyed with them for petty reasons and begin to take them for granted. Sometimes it feels good to miss your man or woman, like really miss them. It’s a good time to get perspective and seem them as the amazing partner they are.

3. Also, when you’re apart you can send love letters — even if for you two they are just love texts. They physical manifestations of your love you will cherish forever.

4. People in the military are taught to be disciplined, this makes you a better partner for many reasons. For instance, you’re not likely to blame everything that’s bad in your relationship on someone else because you know how to take responsibility for your own actions.

5. Both people in a military relationship — the serving member and the spouse know how to be self-sacrificial. This is so, so, SO important in any relationship. It’s the strongest foundation you can build upon. You go into any conflict you might have as a couple wanting to come up with the best solution for you two as a whole instead of which solution would benefit you individually the most.

6. You can make friends easily since you can relate so quickly to other couples in your situation — there are always a lot of things to talk about and stories to compare.

7. Since you probably move around a lot you rely on each other more than other couples do. The sense of self is more fluid than usual — you feel more like a unit than an individual.

8. People in the military are physically fit, physically fit people make better lovers.

9. It’s easy to keep things in perspective and keep an eye on the things that really matter. If you ask anyone what they say they value it’s all the big things: love and family. But in our day to day life we can lose sight of this. When your partner is in the military and you worry about their safety regularly, you never forget how important these things are to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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