You Should Be Happy To Be Friendzoned

The ‘Friendzone’ is a term thrown around quite often these days. Popularly defined as a stage of stagnation in a relationship. A spot where you remain a friend and there’s no scope for having a sexual relationship with person, because they love you but not in a sexual way. 

It amuses me how often people complain about being friendzoned by a girl or a boy. The amount of memes and stories and jokes being made on the subject makes me wonder, when did the goal of friendship become sexual towards the end?

As a kid, friendship was the best thing a person could ever have. Friends were all you needed, and the friendly love that two people shared was enough to get you through life and all its ups and downs. Lately however, no one wants just to be friends. They all want so much more from a simple relationship. What is one to do in such a case. 

I have been friendzoned and have friendzoned a lot of people too. But that wasn’t the end of the world for me. For me friends are people i can spend time with and share my feelings without, without having to fall in this so called ‘love’ with them. That’s what friends are for right? 

Then how come guys and girls these days get so distressed when this beloved friend of theirs just wants to be a friend? Why is it so heart breaking when you know that you both started out with the intension of being there for each other no matter what. Why the anger when the other talks about her problems, cries with you, listens to you, but refuses to be in a relationship with you? 

Why the need to turn every meaningful relationship into and emotionally strangling or sexual one, when you can have a great time with the present form of it? 
Is it just because you are friends until you’re dating someone? Or are you just extremely horny? Or are you twisted enough to be unable to compartmentalize your emotions when it comes to people, because if that’s the case, you need therapy dude! 

Since when did being a friend, a constant in someone’s life, become a cause of frustration? 

As girls, we love talking, we love being cute, flirting and may even intentionally try and drive a friend we like insane! But sometimes our interests alter. We may give out confusing signals. We may depend on you for everything we need and not reciprocate in a romantic way. That could be frsutrating. But being a friend is not about selfishness.

Friendship is a selfless relationship. On the part of both the people involved. In my opinion, being annoyed about the plight of bring friendzoned is quite a selfish thing. It’s not always about you right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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