Our Love Was More Bitter Than Sweet

Nirzar Pangarkar

Maybe we loved because of the sea and stars
We both loved the sound of the crashing waves
We both loved the sparkling stars spread across the night sky.

Maybe the great ocean isn’t as scary as I thought
Maybe with you, I could finally get over my fear
Take that leap of faith and dove into the deep blue sea.

Maybe the open sky isn’t as scary as you thought
Maybe with me, you could finally fly and feel the freedom of it
See through the thick clouds and witness the tangerine sunset.

Maybe what we had in common wasn’t what we thought
It wasn’t our shared love for the sea and the stars
It wasn’t a good thing to begin with.

Maybe it was because I had feared the ocean
Maybe it was because you had feared the open sky
Maybe it was our fear that had our paths crossed.

Maybe the closest thing to what we fear is the beachside
Where the waves crashes into the endless white sand
Where the sea and the stars are present, but distant enough.

Maybe we are not that alike after all
I cannot see the beast of heights as much as you cannot see the threats of ocean
Yet in the common ground of the beachside we remain.

Maybe we should never have met
But we did, and we tasted more bitter than sweet
More fear and despair than love and hope.

Maybe the sea and the stars brought us together
Maybe the sea and the stars drove us away from each other
Maybe the sea and the stars do not care for us at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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