Some Things That I Just Hope You Know

Jonas Svidras / Unsplash

I hope you find someone who truly loves you and does not take advantage of your vulnerability. Loving you gave me a lot to think about in regards to love. But not just loving someone else, loving myself for who I am.

I hope you find someone who isn’t scared to scream that they love you with every fiber of their being. For so long I have been accustomed to the binaries of life. The binaries of love are strong that I knew I would break but I didn’t have the courage to break until you and I dissipated into thin air.

I hope you find someone who tells you that you are worth taking judgment for. Life is short and living to please other people is not going to let us get anywhere right? Being broken down by what others said was what lead to heartbreak. You didn’t tell me to stop listening to their voices that got caught in my head. To this day I still wonder why perhaps because you knew I wasn’t ready to face the world with you?

I hope you understand that loving you was not some experiment that I decided to take on. My sexuality has always been blurred I never liked labels but always thought I was heterosexual, well until you. Love is not something I take into my hands so carelessly if I gave you that impression I am so sorry.

I hope you are happy.

I hope you know that what we had was real even if I didn’t say it to the crowds of people that would stare at us.

I hope you can forgive me one day.

I hoped you would have stayed.

But I guess in this world the good things are just too good to be true. So, I guess what we had was just a figment of my imagination. I just hope you know that when it came to us you were always loved even if I couldn’t say it from beyond a closet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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