When Friends Become Family

friends goofing around at zoo
Allegra Messina

When friends become family it’s rare. Some people do come and go, in fact a lot of people do. So when the right people come into your life, hold on tight and prepare yourself for a wild ride.

They will see your imperfections and love them while you can only pick them out.

Almost everything you have hated about yourself is loved by your family; your second family.

It is not about the time you have known them. Time is infinite. You can know them for a month and feel more connected, more safe than someone who you have known for years. Stop thinking about the time. When the universe wants to put the right people into your life there is no warning.

You either reject it or accept it.

When friends become family the closeness amplifies. By just one look every emotion is shown because they know you that much. Suddenly one word speaks thousands and silence says more than any word possibly can.

When friends become family, you have a support system. There are people who have your back or try to 24/7. They do this because they want to not because they have to. No one picks your friends for you. No one tells your friends to do anything they don’t want to do.

When friends become family, know you are a lucky one. In this world, friends can be seen as a passing by. People are more connected to followers behind a phone screen then human beings in front of them. Embrace these people.

When my friends became family I felt like I suddenly got something right in my life. All the wrong decisions I have ever made finally made sense because it led me to my family. My people.

You click faster than the social media follower clicked on your profile.

When my friends became family I finally had a constant in my life.

When friends become family, know you are lucky and know what you have is rare. It may not be sweet sailing but nothing is ever perfect when human beings are concerned. Just breathe and know the moment when you are around with the people you love the most that you are right where you need to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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