The Little Things Always Remind Me Of You

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I remember the little things, even though you always tell me that I forget.

The way your eyes change color in the light, always has me mesmerized.

Or when you laugh at my really bad jokes because you know it’s my way of essentially breaking the ice in my awkward state.

There was that time you left school early to surprise me with something on my doorstep after I had a bad day. My thoughts filled with nothing but insecurities. There was always something about you that made everything just float away.

We made a pact to always say goodnight even when we have a fight. I’ll never forget it.

This was because you always wanted me to know that even if we go through rough patches I will always be reminded that it’s not permanent. That I will have you through it all no matter what.

You always wanted to know what I wrote down. Even though you couldn’t quite understand the underlying meanings of them you tried. PS: you became my muse so it was all about you. Perhaps that’s the reason why you couldn’t decipher them.

The outfit you wore when we first me is still in my memory.

Along with the soft “hi” and shy smile you sported willingly.

Your birthday I can’t forget.

The future plans we made that never pulled through in the end, I don’t regret.

For so long I wanted to bury these memories further down to the point where you’re nothing but the person who I cross paths with that one night. But, I realized these little things, these little memories are the only thing I have left of you now. So, perhaps I’ll hold on for a little while.

Until I have come to terms with the fact that you’re nothing more than someone in my past when you always would say we were the ones who were supposed to last. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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