6 Reasons Why No Lady Ever Needs A Man To Validate Her

Tanay Mondal
Tanay Mondal

1. We are beautiful.

And, no one ever has the right to prove us otherwise.

We are beautiful in our own ways, and if we know it deep within ourselves, we also know someone out there is more than willing to wait until forever just to win our hearts. We know someone out there is willing to line up on the aisle or the façade to impress and show us that they deserve a position in our lives, and a spot in our hearts.

And we deserve that – be courted and wooed.

2. We are better off independent until the right one comes.

No man has the right to mistreat and disrespect us, women. And it is way better to stay single than be with the wrong person, either.

Loving ourselves require me-times, and having me-times attain independence.

Independence is not just about eating alone in restaurants or spending Valentines’ day alone without getting bitter. Independence is knowing you’re dependent only to yourself, not with others, neither with men. By being an independent woman, you’ll know your stuff. You’ll understand life in a bigger perspective, and will know how to deal with it alone whenever it unexpectedly comes along. When your right person arrives, you’ll know how to carry yourself along the situation. And once that person chooses to leave, you’ll know how to pick up yourself and proceed with your life without stressing it over.

You’ll know and understand that you value yourself more than the agony of heartbreak, itself.

3. We are power women.

Imagine how we bear our children and get back to business.

Do you think we’re worth the baggage of pain of being stepped down on and hurt by cruel a-holes who want nothing but to crush our hearts and spirits? No.

We are mightier than we think; wiser, bolder and stronger than we think. We can do so many things, even without the assistance and approval of men. Do not let them control you of what you want in life, or what you want to become. Because we have our own way of thinking that makes us strong-minded and intimidating, and that’s our weapon  to survive independence.

Ponder on Beyoncé’s preach. We run the world!

4. We are worthy.

Women were used to be discriminated before because men thought we are incapable of doing anything.

Today, equality among men and women prevails.

I am not just about women empowerment here. I am also here to tell you you’re more than enough to settle with one guy who does not appreciate or value you. Knowing your self-worth is equivalent to loving yourself. And knowing how to love yourself makes it easier to segregate toxic people away from your awesome life. You are worthy, so don’t settle for mediocrity.

Just always remember you’re a bar of To’ak chocolate for heaven’s sake, and not a ball of bubble gum on a vending machine.

5. We can find someone better.

Ladies, have you ever let a man rain on your parades? Well, we all have gone to a situation similar to that. Thing is, it’s just not worth it. And you know it – we know it.

If you think you’ve already found someone “better” than your ex before, don’t you think you could ALSO do the same thing again? Think of it this way. When you meet a guy and saw the dark side of his rainbow colors, you’ll think there could probably be someone better out there.

The same thing will happen over and over again in the hopes of – and hopefully – meeting “the one.”

To tell you honestly, if you could find someone “better-er” than your previous ones, then I’m pretty sure you could do so much better again. Just don’t settle for less.

6. We can do so much better.

If we aspire to become the better versions of ourselves and learned how to wait, chances are we’ll meet our right persons on the right time.

This is where we find someone better on our best-selves. And when we are on our best-selves, we sure know not to settle for men who just have the looks and the bod. It’s always what’s on the inside –  no pun intended.

So ladies, repeat after me: WE CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER!

Our parents didn’t raise us and gave everything we wanted, needed and deserved to just be emotionally wrecked by douche lords. We didn’t strive hard for success and to have what we have now (or to have what’s in store for us in the future) to just be emotionally destroyed by undeserving men. A lot of people love you, so never let the ones who don’t ruin your lives.

Do not ever put the sacrifices of your parents who raised you with a good life to waste, not to mention let someone whom they raised beautiful, smart and talented be treated like garbage. A jerk does not deserve that kind of flattery and satisfaction.

You’re a queen who deserves to be seated on a throne and be served for, not a trash to be dumped and stepped on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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