This Is What Happens When You Fall In Love With Your Best Friend (And They Don’t Fall In Love With You Too)

Falling in love with your best friend can possibly be the most fun, fulfilling, and wonderful relationship that you can have, but it can also produce the most devastating breakup you can ever experience.

Imagine being with someone who you can always relate to, assured you can have fun with, and understands you. It’s wonderful, right?

Of course it is – until the unexpected happens.

You knew what you got yourself into. You knew that everything could end.

You knew that once you became more than just best friends, it would definitely bring out both wonderful and heartbreaking experiences.

A breakup itself already rips your heart apart. What more if it ended on very good terms?

Pivoting back to being best friends?


It will take a longer time for one to heal. Sometimes, you will even wish that you did not get into that relationship. Sometimes, you will even think that everything was wasted. Sometimes, you will think that you regret everything.

You want to hate the person, but you still love him or her. You want to forget about the person, but you still want his or her company. You want to think that everything was a waste, but you are still grateful for the experiences and memories.

You’re confused. You’re boggled by the pain brought on by the breakup. And this is why breaking up in very good terms is one of the most heart-shattering experiences.

You will have to act like nothing has happened. There will be awkward situations between you two. You know you can reignite the feeling that you have for each other, but the decision has already been made.

All you can do is understand the person – understand the circumstances and factors on why you had to break up and pivot back to being non-romantic partners.

Now you’re left confused and hurt.

But at the same time, grateful of what has happened between you two and that you did not have to lose someone completely. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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