Guys — This Is How You Love Her


You have this girl in your life that you love and want to prove your love. You have been together for some time and have been exclusive for even longer. Love is a great thing done right and being with the woman you want to be there for; for life. Maybe you’re high school sweethearts, maybe you met in college; through friends or even just by coincidence. Either way, proving a mans love is a fantastic thing, and having it reciprocated is even better; trust me.

Do cute shit.

Look fellas, it takes $0 to make your girl happy. If she loves you for you, she’ll love being surprised or having you send that one special text. Sending a text in the middle of your busy day saying “Hey I hope your having a good day, I love you!” Can change a girls mood, instantly.

A big part is being there for her, being her best friend. Girls want a guy they can rely on to make them laugh or have no drama with. Hold her hand in public, grab her thigh, and just show her off. Make posts on social media about her and send her hand written letters when you’re away. A big one, is make her breakfast in bed. She’s yours forever.

Never miss or skip a date. You’ll regret it.

Now actually spending a little money can be tough but relatively easy if you know what she likes. Buy her flowers for no reason, bring home her favourite bottle of wine, or even something small, like a box of chocolates or bring home take out so she doesn’t have to cook or do dishes. It’s all gratitude and demonstrating how happy you want to make her. It is ALL EFFORT!

Be there for her.

Seriously dude. If she calls you on your night out with the guys, make your best effort to answer or tell her you’re on your way home early. Hold her hand when times are tough, cry with her, be caring and empathetic when things are hard, even if its girl drama. Sorry.

Do not just nod and sit there quietly, help and talk her through it!

Watch for her attitudes to change, obviously you’ll know when she’s upset before anyone else. So ask her and get it out of her. Girls HATE it when you ask once and forget about it. Do not pressure her though, but just remind her that you’re there for her endlessly. Even if she doesn’t tell you right away, hug her and just remind her “I’m all ears when you want to talk.” She will eventually tell you whats bothering her, its all timing.

Remind her.

I know, you’ll feel repetitive and annoying. But seriously, reminding her how much you love her or how beautiful she is in your eyes is very important. She may not agree with you but you need to convince her. There is a HUGE difference between “I love you” and “Babe, I love how blue your eyes look right now” or even “I love how happy you make me. ” Cute sentences like this will keep her out of doubt. Women love the sense of being loved, it’s the way it is. Having her question how you feel about her will only make her have doubts and unappreciated.

Over use I love you. Obviously not every 30 seconds but, keep it in her mind that you love her from head to toe. If you feel it in a specific moment, tell her and say WHY! Do not hesitate, just say it.

Kiss her public, kiss her in front of your parents or family (KEEP IT PG). Things like this will tell her that you’re not afraid and you’re proud to be loving her.

And most importantly, BE YOU!

If you stay who you truly are, then you’re set. No lying, no faking, just be honest and love will happen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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