I Want A Friday Kind Of Love

I want a Friday kind of love.

Fridays are full of possibility. Anything could happen. Sure, the weekend could be a letdown, it could turn out to be just another endless series of hours with nothing going on, when I can’t bring myself to work because it just seems too sad to do so.

But the weekend could be epic. It could be the kind of weekend you spend the rest of your life trying to recreate, the kind of weekend you bring up at brunch ten years later, “remember that one weekend when…” and everyone gets all nostalgic.

When it’s still Friday, you don’t know what kind of weekend it will be, and the air is charged with excitement and potential. This could be the weekend. This could be the love affair.

It could be the one that you compare all the others to, even after it’s over. It’s the one you look back on fondly, the one you hope that someday you can revisit, the one you replay in your mind every once in awhile. Just because it fills you with that warm, fuzzy feeling.

I’ve had the other kinds of love. Sunday love, all comfortable and familiar. Tuesday love with its caring and closeness. Saturday love where you know it’s too good to be true and you’ll wake up the next day and it’ll all be over. Monday love, where you wonder what the hell you were thinking and the next weekend seems to be incredibly far away. Thursday love where it all seems so close and yet there’s so much standing in the way. Wednesday love where you’ve got all this history but feel like you’re in a rut and every day is the same thing.

Forget all of those. Right now, I want a Friday kind of love. I want that possibility and recklessness and passion that only comes knowing there’s so much that could happen, and never mind that sometimes it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Even a bad Friday is better than most Sundays or Mondays or Tuesdays. TC mark


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  • http://cathyespiritu.wordpress.com Cathy

    Then I’d be able to say thank God it’s the friday kind of love :)

  • http://www.itmakesmestronger.com/2012/06/i-want-a-friday-kind-of-love-2/ Only L<3Ve @ ItMakesMeStronger.com

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  • http://www.facebook.com/teeguu Tracy Gu

    Sounds like the beginning of every relationship. Eventually, the Fridays will turn into the Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and that’s ok.

  • http://brittanyraeann.wordpress.com brittanyraeann

    I love this. I want a Friday kind of love too.

  • http://twitter.com/thoughtcaboose thoughtcaboose (@thoughtcaboose)

    I was actually just thinking this… I’m glad you’ve put it to words. My Tuesday post-work date was fun for 0 seconds, although at least it reunited me with the boy I see potential for. But Tuesday turned to Wednesday, and I said “I’m bored” and got up, got dressed, and left without a goodbye. A phone call and texts Wednesday night. “Talk to you tomorrow”. Nope, because Thursday isn’t Friday yet. We didn’t fool ourselves into thinking it would be fun to spend a second on each other. I’m happy it’s Friday, the day that something like the first time we met – life changing chemical reactions cascading for hours – is finally possible.

  • diana

    wonderful. exactly what i wanted and couldn’t decipher.

  • inah

    This has moved me. I would really love that Friday kind of love! Thank you.

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