40 Simple Things To Be Grateful For This Thanksgiving

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1. Your lungs for breathing, your heart for breathing, and your brain for functioning as best as it can

2. The ability to pick up the phone and call a loved one, no matter how far away they live

3. The feeling you get when you walk into a warm building after standing out in the cold for just a little too long

4. Mornings when you wake up and realize you don’t have to immediately get out of bed

5. The jittery feeling in your stomach when someone special texts you

6. Inside jokes — and the people you share them with

7. The rush of excitement when you meet someone you click with immediately

8. Waking up to your favorite kind of weather

9. The feeling of reading a great book for the first time

10. The feeling of reading a great book for the second time (and getting to relive all the magic)

11. Your favorite outfit that makes you feel confident

12. Random acts of kindness

13. Memes that actually make you laugh out loud

14. Communities — online or otherwise — that make you feel less alone

15. Reruns of your favorite TV show

16. Your pet (and how happy they always are to see you)

17. Your morning coffee

18. Kind strangers on the Internet

19. The beauty in the nature around you, even if it’s just the way the light filters in through the trees

20. Having a place to call home

21. Any religion or belief system that gives you hope

22. Anything that makes you feel warm on a cold day — coats, blankets, hot chocolate, etc.

23. Fate-like coincidences

24. Anything and anyone that helps calm your mind when you’re feeling troubled

25. Strangers who compliment you, open doors for you, or smile at you on the street

26. The taste of your favorite meal

27. Inspirational quotes that motivate you to do something you’ve been putting off

28. A good pair of shoes

29. A solid skincare routine

30. Free time when you have nothing to do but something for your own happiness

31. Any opportunity that has come your way — even if you decided it wasn’t the right one for you

32. The ability to go after the things you love, even if it seems impossible

33. Your favorite song (and the feeling you get when it plays on the radio)

34. The knowledge that somebody loves you, no matter who they might be

35. Good, lighthearted memories and our ability to revisit them

36. Your favorite places to spend your free time, whether that’s a bookstore, a park, or a gym

37. Your capacity to feel love, whether it’s for family, friends, or a romantic partner

38. Your own strength, and your ability to grow despite any past traumas or heartaches

39. All of the things in life that go right

40. Anything and everything that makes your soul sing Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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