Someone Found 1,000 Human Teeth Inside A Wall And It’s Right Out Of A Horror Movie

Facebook / Gregory L. Williams Jr.

Construction workers uncovered a terrifying secret on Tuesday when they began tearing down a wall in Valdosta, Georgia and found it filled with human teeth. And not just a few teeth, but over one thousand.

One worker managed to snap a pic of the situation, which I can imagine was a pretty startling find for someone who was just trying to do their job.

According to the Valdosta Daily Times, the building’s first tenant was Dr. Clarence Whittington, a dentist in 1900, though there’s been no confirmation that the teeth date back to his time. And while it’s obvious to see a connection between a dentist and teeth, which begs the question: Why were there so many in the wall?

The craziest part? The building in Valdosta isn’t even the first building that was found to have human teeth hidden in the walls in Georgia. Construction workers found two similar situations in Greensboro and Carrolton, both of which were, at one point, dentists’ offices. Which begs another question: What the fuck, Georgia?

I mean, don’t get me wrong — I understand dental practices have probably changed drastically in the last century, but there’s still something incredibly creepy about finding a bunch of human teeth that probably belong to long-dead people hidden inside a building. Like “this building is probably haunted as fuck” creepy. Like “call the pope for a blessing just in case” creepy.

So far, the authority has not been notified of the findings and no official investigation is underway. Because apparently finding hundreds of human teeth inside a wall is just another day in Georgia. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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