Netflix Will Soon Introduce Shows That Let You Choose What Happens

Netflix Will Soon Introduce Shows That Let You Choose The Ending
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Remember when you were younger and those “choose your own adventure” books were a thing? Well, they’re coming back, but this time, in the form of a TV show.

Netflix just announced that they’ll be testing out a new concept that lets viewers choose what happens next in some of their shows. They plan to introduce this concept by the end of the year and even plan to let viewers interact with at least one episode in the fifth season of “Black Mirror,” which is premiering in December.

I’m… not sure how to feel about this, honestly. But while I’d usually prefer a show just tell a story, I know some viewers will appreciate the idea of interacting with the storylines — and that this alone might even attract viewers to certain TV shows. Netflix hasn’t yet explained how it will work — whether viewers will have two choices or more, or how often viewers will get to decide what happens in an episode — but I can promise you it’s probably going to get pretty complex.

But hey, why not? Netflix is a unique platform and probably one of the few that would even have the opportunity to experiment with this format without losing a lot of money. I am intrigued to see how it turns out, to say the least. TC mark

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