Even Ariana Grande’s Family Didn’t Want Her To Marry Pete Davidson

Instagram / Ariana Grande

Even though Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are officially over, the world still can’t stop talking about them — like them or not, the official couple of the summer has left marks on our hearts and our memories forever.

Unfortunately for some, the relationship is only going to leave a particularly bad memory.

While they’re broken engagement seemed to come from nowhere, it’s not too surprising for people who have been paying attention to the drama surrounding the pair. Many of Grande’s fans notoriously hated Davidson, often pointing out all the reasons he wasn’t good enough for her, oftentimes pointing to the controversial jokes he made about the pop star (including a Manchester bombing joke he made before the pair started dating and another more recent quip about changing out her birth control for Tic Tacs). And while it may not seem like fans’ opinions should matter, Grande’s known for her close relationship with what she calls “Arianators” — so close, in fact, that she has some of their phone numbers.

But it turns out that Arianators aren’t the only ones who weren’t in love with the relationship. Allegedly many of those in close orbit of the couple weren’t particularly fond of the engagement news, including Ariana Grande’s own family.

One insider told People that Grande’s family was “relieved” over the breakup, claiming that they preferred she focus on other things instead: “Ariana has had several stressful situations in the past couple of years. She really isn’t in a position to make huge life decisions. Her family thinks she should just focus on work and not stress about other stuff.”

To be fair, if I was her family, I’d be worried about Ariana, too — while I want her to be happy, she’s been through a lot recently, including a suicide bombing that killed 22 of her fans in concert and the suicide of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. And while the relationship no doubt brought a lot of joy into her life, it unsurprisingly brought a lot of drama, too.

Hopefully Ariana will take the breakup as a chance to take some time off and practice self-care, though it doesn’t seem likely, since she’s already teased an upcoming Sweetener tour. Still, if there’s ever been someone worth rooting for, it’s Ariana Grande. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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