Even Jennifer Aniston Wants A ‘Friends’ Reboot

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The 2010s is officially the nostalgia era, full of movie remakes, TV show reboots, and fun reunions between all our favorite celebrities. We got a new Charmed, a new Star Wars trilogy, new Power Rangers and new installments of shows like Roseanne and Gilmore Girls. But the one reboot we’re really waiting for we’ve yet to hear about: Friends, aka the best sitcom of its time.

Over a decade after it stopped airing, Friends remains a classic among Millennials. Fanmade teases passed off as real news about a cast reunion have caused undue excitement more than once in the past few years. So, can we expect anything soon?

According to Jennifer Aniston, she kind of hopes so.

“Courteney [Cox] and Lisa [Kudrow] and I talk about it,” Aniston said in an interview with InStyle when asked what she thought about a reboot. “I fantasize about it. It really was the greatest job I ever had. I don’t know what it would look like today, but you never know.”

But apparently not all the friends are so keen on the idea. Joey, for one, is a little over the idea.

“I know Matt LeBlanc doesn’t want to be asked that question anymore,” Aniston said. “But maybe we could talk him into it.”

I don’t blame him, really — It’s been almost 15 years since the show ended and it’s still the one thing everyone wants to talk to him about. It must get a bit frustrating to be typecast as the dumb friend from that one sitcom. Still, come on, Matt, do us a solid and bring our favorite show back to life! I want to see Monica and Chandlers kids, want to see if Ross and Rachel actually stuck it out or if they’re going through a divorce, want to see if Joey is still living the bachelor life and if Phoebe is still singing at the coffee shop. Also, I want to see Paul Rudd looking just as sexy as he did a decade ago. Is that too much to ask?

But if that doesn’t work out, Aniston has another great idea: “Or we just give it some time and then Lisa, Courteney, and I could reboot The Golden Girls and spend our last years together on wicker furniture.”

Someone start drafting this show STAT. TC mark

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